Honeywell Refrigerants is a leading global provider of advanced refrigerant solutions, offering innovative and eco-friendly products for various industries, including air conditioning, refrigeration, and automotive applications. With a robust distribution network spanning the Middle East and other international markets, Honeywell aims to deliver efficient and environmentally responsible refrigerants to meet the needs of an ever-evolving industry.


  1. Establishing direct relationships with technicians as influencers for Honeywell Refrigerants in the Middle East.
  2. Navigating multiple levels of distribution makes it difficult to obtain accurate sales data and calculate technician incentives.
  3. Directly engaging with and incentivizing technicians based on their sales and influence on end consumers.
  4. Personalizing incentive programs for different tiers of technicians, such as Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
  5. Providing product training, SOP and other assistance to the technicians on Honeywell Products.


O4S partnered with Honeywell Refrigerants to launch a sales-linked incentive program for technicians and agents across the Middle East, including UAE & Saudi Arabia. The Honeywell Genetron App was introduced as a partner incentive and engagement platform. Key features of the app include –

  • Technician onboarding and registration through the app.
  • Implementation of flexible incentive schemes based on technician tiers.
  • Product purchase registration by scanning the Serial Number Dynamic QR code on products.
  • Integration with the “Ask Ahmed” chatbot for real-time assistance.
  • Access to product SOPs, catalogues, and videos for technician development and learning.
  • Zone-wise distributor and authorized reseller information for easy product procurement.
  • Innovative incentives, such as credit notes and product catalogue rewards.


  1. Strengthened Relationships: Direct engagement with technicians as product influencers.
  2. Accurate Sales Data: Product serialization facilitated precise sales tracking and incentive calculations.
  3. Personalized Incentives: Tier-based incentive programs for Platinum, Gold, and Silver technicians.
  4. Improved Knowledge: Access to product resources for technician development and learning.
  5. Streamlined Procurement: Zone-wise distributor and authorized reseller information within the app.
  6. Innovative Rewards: Credit notes and product catalogue incentives for enhanced motivation.


  1. 25% increase in technician engagement with Honeywell Refrigerants products
  2. 50,000+ technician registrations
  3. 35,000+ monthly active users
  4. 95% user approval and satisfaction
  5. Enhanced brand loyalty and technician influence on end consumers