Maximizing ROI of rebate & loyalty programs

Boost revenue with real-time channel sales data, instant reward redemption, and simplified channel management.

Anti Counterfeiting Solutions
Anti Counterfeiting Solutions

Make Rebate Programs Your Catalyst for Growth

Anti Counterfeiting Solutions For Lifestyle Products

Drive sales with smarter demand planning

Anti Counterfeiting Software

Fuel product pull through direct-dealer incentives

Anti Counterfeiting Software

Streamline rebate programs with ease

Dealer Loyalty Program

Increase transparency with personalized performance tracking portals

Transform Channel Partner Engagement With O4S Rebate Solution

Strategize your rebate programs based on scheme performance data to maximize revenue. Establish trust and transparency with the channel partners via real-time dashboards.

Tailored Loyalty & Rebate Programs for Dealers & Retailers

Launch custom-made schemes for channel partners to increase their participation and improve recurring purchases, resulting in a lower tendency to churn.

Dealer & Retailer Portal

Foster collaboration with dealers and retailers by giving them access to personalized mobile and web portals. The portal provides financial statements, loyalty and rebate scheme performance, earnings and redemptions, and more.

Cash & Credit Earnings Management

Implement meaningful rewards and incentives for channel partners and farmers to promote transparency and trust. Provide favorable incentives to encourage maintaining a long-term association with the brand.

Business Insights Dashboard

Monitor scheme and partner performance at individual and zonal levels. Get actionable insights to turn rebates and incentives into revenue drivers.

Multi-platform Integrations

Integrate updates and notifications across multiple messaging platforms like SMS and WhatsApp to significantly enhance the schemes' adoption, participation, and overall performance.

Invoice Led Rebate Management

Integrate with ERP, CRM, or any financial module to calculate channel partner rebate earnings, redemptions, and credits. Reduce the administrative burden of collecting and reconciling invoices.

Automated Compliance-based QR Code Serialization

Enable partners and channel management teams with QR code authentication-based loyalty to track purchases accurately without invoices and stay compliant.

Amplify Channel Performance With Personalized Rewards
Foster long-term relations with your channel partners through personalized partner rewards. Delight your partners with diverse rewards offered by O4S.
Partner Relationship Management

Unleashing The Power Of Data-Driven Channel Rebate & Loyalty Solutions


Retailer Dealer Retention


Customer Satisfaction Score


Inventory Return Reduction


Return on Investment


Sales Revenue Impact

Driving Impact Across Lifestyle Industry


Loyalty & Rebates Schemes Managed

$3 Mn+

Loyalty & Rebates Budgets Managed


Active Technicians & Retailers

500 Mn+

Products Traced

$200 Mn+

Global Sales Impact

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Kailash Sharma - Director at Abros Sports International Pvt. Ltd. shares how O4S is helping them drive channel sales.
“O4S has been very supportive, they have understood our needs patiently. They have a clear implementation path and the process is quite straightforward. The great thing is that O4S Software is customizable to fit all needs.”

Anshuman Marodia

Director – Supply Chain Operations, PAN Seeds

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