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O4S is India’s most trusted SaaS that helps you get 360° control over your downstream supply chain. We reinvent the way brands build loyalty with local kirana stores and their consumers.

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O4S Products & Features

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Assign a unique identification to each product, just like an Adhaar card.

UIDLAPP Features:
  • Product Serialization
  • Production Optimization

Warehouse | Distributor | Retailer

Follow the movement of each smart product closely. Run incentives for distributors and retailers along the way.

Supplytics Features:
  • Retailer & Distributor Trade Promotions
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility
  • Track & Trace
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Ensure happy and informed customers who can scan products to verify their authenticity and remain loyal to the brand.

Original4Sure Features:
  • Consumer Loyalty Program
  • Product Verification
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What You Can Do With O4S SaaS


Create Higher Shelf Space at every General Trade Retailer

Give Trade Incentives directly to Retailers

O4S-Supply Chain

Enable Stock Rotation & Diversion Control


Eliminate Counterfeit Products

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Empowering General Trade Retailers/Kirana Stores through Track and Trace

Trade promotion is the most widely used marketing channel and one of the largest expenses for any company in the FMCG/Agriculture industry today. But, there is no denying the fact that their effectiveness to drive incremental sales has been at a constant decline, even as companies increase their expenditure. This is indeed a worrying trend, given that about 90% of the trade is dependent on small scale retailers in markets such as South-East Asia.

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The O4S Solution

Before O4S

- Counterfeiting of products
- No visibility into downstream supply chain
- Unorganized trade promotions
- Loyal customers lost

O4S-Supply Chain

With O4S - Custom Built SaaS with end-to-end implementation

- Easy to use, robust, scalable solution
- Plug and play with minimal operational disruption
- Dedicated training on-site and off-site for fast adaptation


After O4S - Partners in Success

- Actionable and reliable data at the click of a button
- Real-time insights into production trends
- Customized dashboards

Case Studies

Client Testimonials

We’ve increased our sales by 10-15%, and identified counterfeiters since we’ve implemented Original4Sure’s solution and would never look back. Original4Sure has helped us create trust, and a dialogue between our product and the consumers. And from the plant supervisor’s standpoint Original4Sure’s software is very intuitive to use.


MD, Beltek Canadian Water Limited
(PepsiCo Associate)
Shriram is a strong brand known for quality Agri-Inputs. However, in rural markets counterfeiting/similar sounding products create a lot of confusion amongst our gullible customers. O4S’ technology is easy to use, highly scalable, fool-proof and easy to implement. It has helped us in protecting our brand, which is critical in rural markets.


President & Business Head, Shriram Farm Solution
(A Unit of DCM Shriram Limited)
We liked how simple their technology made verifying products to protect our brand. It is easy to use by consumers, highly intuitive and gives instant results. We’re connected with lacs of our consumers through O4S’ solutions. We’re now exploring their supply chain product- Supplytics, mainly to understand our product flow and for trade promotions.


Director, Sterling Agro Industries Ltd.
(Nova Dairy)

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