Deepak Fertilisers is a leading player in the agricultural industry, specialising in producing and distributing high-quality chemicals. With a commitment to sustainable farming practices and customer satisfaction, Deepak Fertilisers sought to optimise their operations, improve offtake, and enhance customer loyalty.


  • Limited Visibility: The company lacked real-time insights into dealer preferences, purchase behaviour, and product performance hampering its ability to tailor offerings and optimise marketing strategies.
  • Customer Retention: Deepak Fertilisers aimed to cultivate customer loyalty and foster enduring relationships with dealers, ensuring repeat business and advocacy for their brand.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining operations across multiple locations and managing a vast network of dealers and distributors proved complex, requiring an effective channel management solution.
  • Timely Engagement: Engaging farmers and delivering personalized experiences at scale while providing timely support and product information posed a significant challenge.


Deepak Fertilisers partnered with O4S, leveraging their expertise in loyalty program management and channel optimization to overcome these challenges. The following solutions were implemented:

  • Transitioning from coupons to dynamic QR codes on product packaging.
  • Monitoring sales through QR code scanning by retailers.
  • Tailoers loyalty program, to engage with deals, collect valuable data, and incentivise desired behaviours.
  • Boosting app engagement through gamification of reward points.
  • Devising adaptable incentive schemes based on geography, SKUs, and other essential factors.
  • Facilitating seamless redemption options via integration with regional redemption partners.
  • Implementation of performance analytics for actionable insights, enabling informed decisions.
  • Implementing zonal or regional controls for business teams to manage local schemes.
  • Providing real-time scan logs and data analysis dashboards for adjusting schemes dynamically.


  • Efficient Channel Partner Management – Smooth onboarding, registration, and participation processes led to smooth data collection and consolidation of data from various sources.
  • Efficient Rewards Calculations and Tracking – Ensuring proper tracking and calculation of incentives for accurate reward distribution.
  • Meaningful Incentive Schemes – Business teams could fine-tune schemes based on regional needs and preferences.
  • Streamlined Redemption Process – Integrations with regional redemption partners like Amazon, Flipkart, and Bata and direct-to-bank and UPI integrations for cash rewards.
  • Heightened Engagement – A multilingual app, notifications, and SMS messaging increased awareness and participation among partners.
  • Optimized Operational Efficiency – Automated processes alleviated the administrative workload on Channel Management Teams.


  • 19% revenue growth in targeted regions.
  • Over 5,000 retailers engaged.
  • 85%+ monthly active retailers.
  • 98% user approval and satisfaction.