DCM Shriram – Sriram Farm Solutions (SFS), an agricultural inputs solution provider specializing in Seeds and Crop Care Chemicals faced challenges in creating demand in the market and obtaining real-time sales data from retailers who were indirectly engaged through distributors. To address these issues, SFS partnered with O4S to implement a Channel Incentives Solution.


  • Generating a steady pull from retailers for Sriram Farm Solutions products
  • Absence of engagement with Retailers, as they’re managed through distributors
  • Obtaining timely and accurate sales data from retailers who are not directly billed or engaged with SFS
  • Designing and implementing a rewards program for retailers based on SKUs, Zone, Tier, Level, Purchasing Patterns etc.
  • Expanding SFS’s market presence and reaching a wider network of retailers, thus increasing sales and market share.
  • Tackling language barriers across different zone while digital engagement.


To address these challenges, SFS joined forces with O4S to develop a ground-breaking mobile app-based loyalty program for their channel partners. The program focused on:

  • Transitioning from coupons to dynamic QR codes on product packaging.
  • Monitoring sales through QR code scanning by retailers.
  • Engaging partners on a large scale using in-app notifications & SMS service.
  • Bosting app engagement through gamification of reward points.
  • Devising adaptable incentive schemes based on geography, SKUs, and other essential factors.
  • Facilitating seamless redemption options via integrations with regional redemption partners.
  • Launching a multilingual application to break down language barriers.
  • Implementing zonal or regional controls for business teams to manage local schemes.
  • Providing real-time scan logs and data analysis dashboards for adjusting schemes dynamically.



  • Efficient Channel Partner Management – Smooth onboarding, registration, and participation processes led to smooth data collection and consolidation of data from various sources.
  • Efficient Rewards Calculations and Tracking – Ensuring proper tracking and calculation of incentives for accurate reward distribution.
  • Meaningful Incentive Schemes – Business teams could fine-tune schemes based on regional needs and preferences.
  • Streamlined Redemption Process – Integrations with regional redemption partners like Amazon, Flipkart, and Bata and direct-to-bank and UPI integrations for cash rewards.
  • Heightened Engagement – A multilingual app, notifications, and SMS messaging increased awareness and participation among partners.
  • Optimized Operational Efficiency – Automated processes alleviated the administrative workload on Channel Management Teams.


  • 15% revenue growth in targeted regions
  • Over 80,000 retailers engaged
  • 85%+ monthly active retailers
  • 96% user approval and satisfaction