Transforming Channel Partner Engagement for Dulux Paints with a Customized, Scalable Mobile App Solution


Dulux Paints, a leading Fortune 500 company and the globe’s most extensive paints and coatings provider has a presence in over 100 countries. Managing incentives and loyalty programs for more than 500,000 painters and contractors across eight diverse Southeast and South Asian markets required a comprehensive solution that could accommodate their $10M per annum channel management budget, address language barriers, and streamline incentive schemes.


  1. Overseeing incentives and loyalty initiatives for 500,000 painters and contractors in various regions.

  2. Establishing zonal or regional controls for business teams.

  3. Customizing and adapting incentive schemes to local preferences.

  4. Automating serialization for over 40 million products annually.

  5. Raising awareness and fostering engagement among painters and contractors on a large scale.

  6. Tackling language barriers across different markets.

  7. Collaborating with redemption partners such as Get Tada, Urbox, and Quikcilver in respective countries.


To address these challenges, Dulux Paints joined forces with O4S to develop a groundbreaking mobile app-based loyalty program for their channel partners in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. The program focused on:

  1. Transitioning from coupons to dynamic QR codes on product packaging.

  2. Monitoring sales through QR code scanning by painters or contractors.

  3. Devising adaptable incentive schemes based on geography, SKUs, and other essential factors.

  4. Facilitating seamless redemption options via integrations with regional redemption partners.

  5. Engaging partners on a large scale using in-app notifications and SMS messaging.

  6. Boosting app engagement through gamification of reward points.

  7. Launching a multilingual application to break down language barriers.

  8. Implementing zonal or regional controls for business teams to manage local schemes.

  9. Providing real-time scan logs and data analysis dashboards for adjusting schemes dynamically.


  1. Efficient Channel Partner Management: Smooth onboarding, registration, and participation processes led to well-organized data for all partners.

  2. Precise Sales Data Tracking: Product serialization facilitated accurate tracking of sales across numerous regions.

  3. Customized Incentive Schemes: Business teams could fine-tune schemes based on regional needs and preferences.

  4. Streamlined Redemption Process: Integrations with regional redemption partners enabled seamless reward options.

  5. Heightened Engagement: A multilingual app, notifications, and SMS messaging increased awareness and participation among partners.

  6. Optimized Operational Efficiency: Automated processes alleviated the administrative workload on Channel Management Teams.


  1. 12% revenue growth in targeted regions

  2. Over 300,000 painters & contractor registrations

  3. 250,000+ monthly active users

  4. 97% user approval and satisfaction

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