Future of Brand Protection: Programmable QR codes with App-less Product Verification

Consumer brands often come across QR code-based Anticounterefiting solutions that market themselves as the best go-to product authentication platform at minimal pricing. The marketing is so good that more often than usual, brands fall into their trap. This is a fact! This has happened with some of the high-end brands who fell for lucrative offers but were smart enough to distinguish the difference and become our delighted customers.

Fundamentals of QR codes & Relevance in Brand Protection:

Before going in-depth, let’s understand the fundamentals of QR codes, how they work and what are their actual potential. To simply put, QR codes are 2D Matrix barcodes that unlike barcodes have the capability to capture an array of information (It’s actually much more than you can imagine), they can be programmed to perform multiple sets of activities and deployed for various applications, the only thing required is to the capability to visualize and of course technology to create it.
Based on their functionalities, there are four types of QR codes available, Static, Dynamic, Serialized, and Secure. Static QR codes have fixed URLs and cannot be altered once printed while the Dynamic version allows the flexibility of changing URLs at any point in time. The other two types are highly secure, replication resistant, and specifically designed to address counterfeiting issues. The only difference among them is that serialized QR codes can be programmed to perform a variety of application which can be further utilized to offer visibility at every node of the supply chain than just anticounterfeiting action.

Unique Programmable & Next-Gen Tech Empowered QR Codes

The product counterfeiting business has grown at a rapid pace to become a trillion-dollar industry. Brands are increasingly becoming concerned about their revenues as well as consumers’ experience with substandard counterfeits. As it is unlikely that they will ever purchase the product again. To deal with the challenge, O4S has designed and developed programmable QR codes which are empowered by next-gen technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to make advancements in the field of track, trace and counterfeit identification systems.

Next-gen Technologies deployed to ensure Seamless Brand Protection

O4S’ QR codes have unique identification codes embedded within them and placed over product packaging (in form of a label or etched via laser printer) that facilitate product authentication and efficient consumer engagements. These unique identifiers are usually placed on either primary, secondary or tertiary packaging of products, mostly depending on the nature of packaging and companies’ preferences. End users can authenticate their purchases by scanning the codes at any stage of the retail chain via an app-less platform. The app-less feature is very much appreciated by consumers as it saves a lot of their mobile phone storage space.

O4S’ Technology utilizes a combination of Dynamic + Serialized (Unique) QR codes to help Consumer Brands Tackle Counterfeiting & Build Consumer Trust.

Our QR codes are highly secure with the best technologies running at the back-end. O4S system appends each scan with the information specified by brands usually the phone number, location, and identity of the person scanning the product. The analytics engine uses algorithms to identify the probability of a scan being counterfeit thereby and flagging them. The brand can then get in contact with the person scanning them to identify where the product was bought from and thereby the source of the counterfeit. Watch the video to learn more.

The absence of tools to distinguish between an original and a fake product is the primary factor contributing to rise in counterfeiting activities globally.

Brands are often unsure about consumers’ likeliness to scan and verify products. However, Research suggests that up to 30% of consumers scan a QR code available on the packaging which can be even higher depending on the use case, especially in the case of loyalty programs, rewards, and e-warranty registration. This level of adaptability can be contributed to the ease of use, convenience, and app-less feature.
Our strength lies in empowering consumers to authenticate their purchases and protect the brand against counterfeiting while bringing all stakeholders on a single platform to reduce warranty expenditures, improve product quality, and enhance customer experience. Furthermore, advanced analytics tools offer detailed insights on consumption trends, along with the loyalty program’s effectiveness.
In short, we are capable of programming QR codes to conduct e-warranty registrations, consumer engagements, product verification, and offer advanced analytics to derive actionable insights from the real-time information recorded in the backend.

Three More Reasons To Include O4S Secure QR code on Product Packaging:

  • Make Product Smart: Serializing each product with a dynamic QR code helps digitize the product and track its movement at a unit level. The data-driven approach enables brands to connect and associate data sources to realize inefficiencies, enhance product quality, and customer engagement. Moreover, it becomes difficult for counterfeiters to introduce fake products into the supply chain and eventually the consumers’ basket.
  • Keep Feedback Loop Open: Consumers often find it difficult to reach out to the brand to share their experiences which creates a gap in understanding consumer perspective. Reports suggest that 95% of consumers will talk about a negative experience than write a positive review. Using our platform, brands can continuously improve and enhance their products/offerings based on consumer suggestions, reviews, and opinions. We allow consumers to verify their purchases, understand the product journey, and raise a flag on a susceptible counterfeit.
  • Flexibility & Scalability: A pre-printed label with a serialized dynamic QR code offers the flexibility to make instant changes to the destination of the URL which means brands can keep customizing the landing pages to include more features, communication, and even engage the visitor in numerous activities while keeping them imitation resistant.

To know more about our Brand Protection Platform or watch it live in action, then schedule a meeting with our Solutions Expert here.

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