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Streamlining Digital Warehousing and Distribution Processes

Supplytics enables companies to move from manual warehousing & distribution process to completely automated & digital inventory management.

Here’s how SUPPLYTICS can help

Bridge the demand & supply gap in realtime by enabling traceability at retailers, influencers & technicians at large scale.


Traditional warehousing & distribution


O4S Backed Supply Chain

Use Cases

Constraints or FIFO based Operations

Ensure correct order dispatch by customizing the solution with constraints addressing issues your warehouse operations

Automation in Data Entry & Stock Management

Remove manual data entry and document via scan & sync, keep inventory aging under control, significantly reduce negative impact on cash flow and daily operations

Optimize Returns Management

Manage product returns effectively, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and increase recovery rates for unsellable products

Controlling Product Diversion

Build boundaries across geographies to check issues of product Infiltration and safeguard trust among trade partners


  • UIDs is affixed to the product and gets scanned using the Supplytics App

  • Supplytics records product movement at each junction, right from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse & depots to distributors till it reaches retailers

  • Every product movement is recorded via scan and are accessible via a web dashboard/ mobile application.

What Makes SUPPLYTICS Different

Makes your product Smart Via Dynamic UID
Real-Time Inventory Visibility
Check Territorial Product Diversions
Reduce Demand Supply Gap

Case Studies

Leading Wheat Seed Producer Optimized Inventory Management and Reduced Product Counterfeiting With O4S Solutions

The client began its operations in 1989 and among the leading producers of wheat genetics in India. They were witnessing difficulties in estimating and maintaining production levels at multiple CMU’s.

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FMCG Client Organized Returns & Dispatches To Improve Revenues

The client is a fully integrated (farm to retail) Food Company in the business of making and selling a range of innovative fresh and healthy food products. They were facing hurdles in manually segregating the products returned from a large distribution network. Furthermore, manual dispatch processes were leading to the dispatch of incorrect quantities to distributors.

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