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Holistic Brand Protection & e-Warranty Solution

O4S ensuring complete brand protection against counterfeits through consumer engagements further enabling a highly robust after sales services support direct to consumer.

Here’s how O4S can help

Original4Sure empowers consumer to verify their purchases via simple QR code scan or SMS using mobile phone.


Increasing issue of Counterfeiting poses irreversible damage to the Brand Equity


Next-gen technologies deployed to ensure Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting

Use Cases

Brand Protection

Empower your consumers to authenticate the purchases and protect your brand against counterfeiting


Brings all stakeholders to reduce warranty expenditures, improve product quality, and enhance the customer experience.

Consumer Promos

Integrate our consumer data APIs with your CRM or digital marketing tools to enable direct consumer engagement.

Advance Analytics

Derive actionable insights from the real-time information recorded in the backend.

How O4S Work

  • The serialized products can be easily scanned by a consumer application to verify the authenticity of the product.

  • O4S system appends each scan with the phone number, location, and identity of the person scanning the product.

  • The analytics engine uses algorithms to identify the probability of a scan being a counterfeit thereby and flagging them.

  • The manufacturers can then get in contact with the person scanning them to identify where the product was bought from and thereby the source of the counterfeit.

What Makes O4S Different

Empower consumers to authenticate the purchases and protect the brand against counterfeiting.
Brings all stakeholders on a platform to reduce warranty expenditures, improve product quality, and enhance customer experience.
Advanced analytics tools offer detailed insights on consumption trends, along with the loyalty program’s effectiveness.

Case Studies

Industrial Client Saving Million from Counterfeiters using Dynamic Brand Protection Solution

The client is one of the largest refrigerant manufacturing firms with a huge distribution network across the globe. Increasing instances of counterfeiting were hampering the brand's market reputation as well as trust among customers.

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Largest Indian Seed Manufacturer Tackling Counterfeiting Via Digital Platform

The client is a prominent name in the Paddy Seeds Industry and one of the largest producers in the eastern region, manufacturing more than 500 SKUs. Rapidly growing cases of product counterfeiting were impacting the client’s profitability and market reputation.

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