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An IoT Based Product Serialization Solution

MARK facilitates a fully automated, robust and highly secure serialisation infrastructure enabling product traceability at every node of the supply chain.

Here’s how MARK can help


Error Prone Manual Serialisation


MARK Powered Supply Chains

Use Cases

IoT enabled Serialization

Assign GS1 compatible UID.
Assign an Interactive Digital unique identity (UID) to
every individual product

Industry 4.0 Standard Compatible- Leading with value addition

ERP integrated production order based product
serialisation through internet resilient on-premise setup.

Raw Material Tracking

Link raw material source, LOT, vendor and other attributes with the finished goods to establish traceability right from the source.

Proactive Incidence Report

Configurable solutions for process enhancement, access real-time reports via dashboard and mobile apps.
Real-time reporting of employee efficiency, line efficiency and production down-time uptime online.

How MARK Works

  • IOT powered product serialisation
    encodes an interactive UID on every saleable product at the manufacturing facilities.

  • UID emits data through interaction at

    every node for seamless tracking of product movement throughout the downstream supply chain.

  • UID can be affixed on product packaging either via direct laser engraving or high quality security labels.

What Makes MARK Different

Low CAPEX & OPEX due to easy integration with the existing infrastructure
Industry 4.0 compatible
Automated processes facilitates accurate product reconciliation

Case Studies

Higher efficiency through Product Serialisation

Client was one of the leading seed manufacturers in India having a packaging capacity exceeding million tonnes annually. Lack product traceability caused issues in handling returns from distributors to CnFs, gaining insights from consumer engagements, curbing product diversion, and addressing product counterfeiting.

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Beverage Manufacturer Tackling Product Counterfeiting Using O4S Platform

Client is a global beverage manufacturer with business across the globe in collaboration with regional third-party bottlers. In the process, they faced hurdles in tracking counterfeiters and gaining visibility regarding effectiveness of consumer engagements.

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