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Convenient Trade Promotions Management

Gynger enables you to get a high definition view of your secondary and tertiary sales by integrating it with trade promotions. Build digital loyalty program for retailers, influencers and technicians.

Brands are experiencing upto 50% increase in Incremental Sales & 100% Inventory - Level Visibility at retail counters by digitising their Trade Promotion Programs

What Makes GYNGER Different?

White label App to access your trade promotion screens and product catalogue
Design a personalised application to check out the product catalogue and real time quotes, educate about product SOP through product videos and live webinars
Create a lucrative exit option for your retailer and technician where they can be incentivised upto 30% through your trade promotions


  • To participate in schemes retailers/ influencers can scan the O4S UID on the products, irrespective of the product purchase source- be it a distributor, a wholesaler, or a cash-and-carry.

  • For every successful QR code scan, retailers/influencers will be rewarded specific points that can be redeemed digitally at any point in time.

  • Gynger connects brands and their retailers /influencers directly via mobile phones. They can simply download the Gynger app from playstore or apple Store

  • Through the platform, brands can easily run, track, analyze, and modify their promotional schemes based on the effectiveness measured based on real-time data.

Here’s how GYNGER can help

Bridge the demand & supply gap in realtime by enabling traceability at retailers, influencers & technicians at large scale.


Limited to zero visibility around Trade Promotion


Allow organizations to digitize their trade promotions schemes

Sample App O4S Has Built



What Makes GYNGER Different

Facilitates Retailer/ Influencer-Wise Schemes
Unique QR codes on product based loyalty schemes
Exercise complete control over reward disbursement and TPO performance tracking
Offer dashboard of Scheme Performance,Secondary Sales, Beneficiary Registrations, and Retailer NPS

No More Hassles To Gain Trade Promotions Insights.

Experience up to 50%* improvement in Incremental Sales post- O4S Gynger implementation.

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