About the Company

The client is one of the largest refrigerant manufacturing firms in the world. It caters to a large consumer base and has a high reputation, along with consolidated share in the market. The company’s product is highly sensitive to the external environment and is subjected to various regulations. As a result, it becomes all the more important for the company to be concerned about counterfeit issues. Moreover, the company being a global player has a huge distribution network which creates difficulty in tracking the movement of goods across the supply chain.

The Goal

In achieving its primary objective, the company faced the following challenges:

  • Low visibility due to wide distribution network
  • Single manufacturing facility catering to an entire EMENA region
  • Increasing instances of brand counterfeit
  • Lower customer engagement and data inadequacy

Solution We Provided

Supplytics Aimed at resolving the challenges by providing:

  • Unique Identification (UID) to every individual product to facilitate improved visibility
  • Product verification through web/mobile based applications
  • Direct engagement with customers through reward schemes hosted on O4S' mobile application
  • Detailed analytics pertaining to product movement and loyal program's performance

The company endorsed the benefits of deploying Supplytics with marked improvements in visibility on its
products, people & processes:

  • Better understanding about the demographics of customers, making it easier for the brand to gauge geographically distinct demand patterns
  • Enhanced product visibility across the supply chain and better reach to the target audience
  • Advanced analytics helped in predicting future trends based on raw data gathered through promotions and product verifications
  • Prospective integration of Supplytics in the several other SKUs

Supplytics BI Dashboard Analysis

Reward/Trade Promotion Analytics:

The dashboard is developed to offer a comprehensive overview on the ongoing reward program being deployed in the market, along with redemption ratios. To facilitate a better understanding about the performance of customer engagement, data is represented through different sets of charts and graphs. Further, it provides an option to request alteration of schemes in real-time. The tool puts power in the hand of the company to control the provisioned schemes in the market.