About the Company

The client is the one of the largest producer of wheat flour and is a trusted brand with a major stake in the Indian FMCG industry. With a high reach in the market and extensively large facilities across the country, the brand faces a challenge in maintaining product visibility throughout the distribution channel. The company is primarily concerned about issues that could deter the brand’s image, be it product counterfeiting or diversion in the supply chain. Due to multiple packaging suppliers in the market, the brand wanted to be proactive in tackling counterfeit issues. The company wanted to overcome these hurdles through effective and reliable solutions that are technology-enabled and offer real-time insights.

The Goal

In achieving its primary objective, the company faced the following challenges:

  • Negligible visibility of product across the supply chain
  • Increasing instances of product diversion, creating difficulty in maintaining inventory
  • Multiple packaging manufacturers making it tough to scale down counterfeit issues
  • Absence of tangible trade promotions with minimum involvement from retailers

Solution We Provided

Supplytics Aimed at resolving the challenges by providing:

  • Integration of existing laser printing facility with O4S' UIDLAPP to assign unique identification codes at packaging sites
  • Product serialization performed on all the SKUs at 30+ manufacturing plants
  • Desktop dashboard offered comprehensive insights on variances in product distribution
  • Anti-counterfeit detection tool helped identified fake products and allowed brand to understand loopholes

The company endorsed the benefits of deploying Supplytics with marked improvements in visibility on its
products, people & processes:

  • Helped trace actual diversions and realize potential cases
  • Allowed client to scale down extent of counterfeit issues internally. Now, in process of taking anti-counterfeiting tool further to end consumers
  • Product serialization to be implemented in upcoming facilities as well
  • In process of developing technology enabled loyalty/trade programs with higher traceability

Supplytics BI Dashboard Analysis

Intelligent Diversion Monitoring:

The dashboard offers deep insights pertaining to any deviation of product from allocated distribution channels or target locations. Supplytics API captures real-time location of products using integrated IP extraction from inventory locations. Using Supplytics, entire diversion control can be automated, eliminating field agent verification drives.

Anti-Counterfeiting Detection Tool:

The dashboard provides analytics into consumer verifications across geographies. All the suspected cases of counterfeit products are identified and flagged on the dashboard wherein actionable insights are provided back to the company to act upon.