Product Serialization & Verification


Product Serialisation

We provide a Digital Unique ID to each individual product while it is manufactured. This Unique Digital ID is like an Adhaar Card QR Code. The Unique ID that can be verified by Consumers upon purchasing

Product Verification

To verify a product, Consumers can scan the Digital Unique ID - QR Code on products using any QR Code reader available on the play store. Consumers can also verify the products through our Orignal4Sure Mobile App

Real Time Inventory Tracking

Inventory Optimization

Real time access to Local Inventory across Distributor-Retailer Level
Proactive Decision making based on reliable real time inventory data.

Primary data helps you take decision by assessing current local inventory at each level, and understand product flow rate with respect to various SKUs.

Retailer & Distributor Loyalty Program Management

Optimize Trade Promotions

Highly scalable Mobile based trade promotion & schemes for distributors and retailers to drive primary, secondary and tertiary sales
Flexible App based channel for your distributors, retailers and consumers for scheme communication, claims & redemptions.
Monitor & assess existing schemes & targets, Communicate forthcoming schemes.
Apply patterns & insights based on superior analytics.

Learning through millions of data points by applying statistical modelling, and deliver high value to your supply chain partners.

Track & Trace

Product Distribution Network

Understand Distributor-Retailer product flow
Define geographical selling boundaries for each distributor.
Avoid the menace of territorial infiltration leading to unhealthy competition with real time alerts on instances of diversions.
Map Distributor to Retailer Network.
Get deep understanding about the network of distributors to retailers, to increase product penetration.

Product Returns Management

Optimize Product Return Management

Gain complete control & visibility into your Product
Return Process
Optimize product return from various trade channels at scale.
Set controls & procedures to ensure only permissible return is bought in from retailer and distributor.
Accurate & fast Financial reconciliations, leaving zero room for manipulations.
Do away with time consuming record keeping by optimizing the entire settlement mechanism.