How India’s largest B2B dairy products manufacturer was able to harness the
power of Direct Digitized Engagement

About the Company

The customer is the largest B2B Dairy products manufacturer in India. One of their brands holds the largest market share in Desi Ghee Industry. With over 50 manufacturing lines distributed across multiple plants in India, the company’s manufacturing is highly optimized. The company thrives on providing high quality dairy products to diverse consumers. With a massive distribution network, acute visibility in supply chain becomes critical for the company.

The Goal

In achieving its primary objective of lean supply chain, the company faced following challenges with regards to the distribution processes:

  • Low visibility into redemption of trade promotions and schemes by retailers.
  • Un-optimized product return and recalls.
  • High counterfeiting in Dairy Products Industry.

Solution We Provided

Supplytics Aimed at resolving the challenges by providing:

  • Mobile App enabled seamless engagement channel with the last mile channels, i.e. Retailers and wholesalers for communication of trade promotion/schemes and redemptions.
  • A systematic process coupled with IT infrastructure to optimize product returns and recalls.
  • Unique ID based product verification platform on SMS/Mobile App for the consumers with localized language support.

The company endorsed the benefits of deploying Supplytics with marked improvements in visibility on its
products, people & processes:

  • We’re in the process of partnering with 50 depots, +800 Distributors and +80,000 retailers to understand individual inventory consumption pattern of +10 SKUs across 12 states in India.
  • Leakages in the redemption of trade promotion and scheme by retailers have been brought down by over 40%.
  • 1 in every 3 consumers is now verifying products using their mobile phone.

Supplytics BI Dashboard Analysis

Trade Promotions/Schemes Analytics:

The dashboard is developed for the Client’s team in trade, sales and marketing. The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of trade promotions and schemes being deployed in the market, along with redemption ratios. Further, it provides an option to request alteration of schemes in real-time. The tool puts power in the hand of the company to control the provisioned schemes in the marke

Product Return Dashboard and Reconciliations Tool:

The dashboard is customizable, for finance department to streamline & reconcile product return & recalls from various supply chain partners. Further, the data driven intelligence for the processes enables monitoring of all un-authorized or illegitimate returns.