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Work Culture — Start-up Vs. Corporate

As per NASSCOM 2018 report, startups in India are growing at a faster rate in 2018 as compared to 2017. The startup industry is believed to touch the mark of 10,500 by the year 2020, which is quite a massive growth from 3,100, recorded in the year 2014. Competing with big brand Multi-National Companies (MNCs), these small-scale startups are able to become a career choice amongst jobseekers with the primary reason being differences in their work cultures.

What is the difference between a Start-up and a Corporate?

A startup can be defined as the efforts of individual founders that try to create a repeatable and scalable business model. Meanwhile, the MNCs or Corporate are defined as organizations that operate in at least one country other than the country of their origin.

Work Culture Differences: Startup vs. Corporate

The liberty to enjoy, the zeal to learn new things and the passion of becoming a leader is what separated startup from Multi-national companies that follow a monotonous life. Both the working environments have their own perks & are quite different from each other. Let’s briefly discuss and understand the difference between the two.

Exciting vs. Tedious Job Roles

In a small-scale startup, you’ll get the opportunity to experiment, innovate, and grow. You’ll be the master of your wish and each day in a startup will bring something new to learn, or to adopt with itself. Your job roles in a startup will tend to change frequently, depending upon the real-time challenges of the organization. On the other hand, in a multi-national company, with a defined job role, you’ll be doing the same set of tasks for years to come. This means no scope for exploring and enhancing. This might limit your knowledge and skillset too.

Being Managed vs. Managing Yourself

In a corporate set-up, there are people holding a place higher than yours in the hierarchy, managing projects and tackling the usual business challenges. There are managers who keep a close watch on their employees, tracking their work details, deploying tasks, setting deadlines, and following a well-defined structure. Meanwhile, in a startup, you are the taskmaster and your own manager. You are responsible for everything that you deliver. Managing tasks, setting deadlines, priority management, etc., which helps you grow as an individual by learning self-management.

Safe Player vs. Challenger

The big brands refrain themselves from taking a leap fearing high risks. Corporates prefer growing ends that are already present rather than rooting in new ideas or exploring new horizons. However, startups are always looking to introduce something new, that might bring a change, and thus, they are always welcoming challenges and risks with open arms. This gives the employees the freedom to innovate and experiment. While helping them to explore their interests while nourishing their skill sets.

Problem Solving Approach

The small-scale startups always prefer the employees to step out of their comfort zone and come with ideas that shall help the organization in growing. Problem-solving is one such segment where if you come with solutions for a department that isn’t yours, but reduces hurdles for the company, you become a star. Corporate belief in a “stay confined” sort of theory. The processes being streamlined, many a time are not encouraging enough for employees to come-up as arising.

Other Life Perks

The corporate life comes with various perks such as better pay-scale, brand recognition, insurances, gym memberships, and fixed working hours, among others. The small-scale startup, on the other hand, has a low pay scale in the initial days, less recognition and almost no luxurious benefits. However, both the working environments differ to a great extent from the perspective of their work-cultures. Each of them comes with their own benefits.

Startups like us help you grow as an individual and a professional. On the other hand, corporate may attract you with its stability but offers a monotonous life. Preference for the right work-culture depends on the nature and will of the individual. O4S, an exciting startup that made its debut recently, follows the lines that define an amazing startup. Offering flexibility to work, a loving and understanding work environment, supportive management and the opportunity to become a leader by grabbing various opportunities. O4S is definitely working upon the terms it decided to take up to thrive. To know more about the existing job opportunities, click here.


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