Life at O4S

Your first job or even first few jobs will have a significant impact on your career. Fresh out of college or with just a few years of experience, the task of selecting the right career path and determining the right company can be a daunting task. However, one needs to understand that being employed at a place you enjoy working and doing the kind of work that you always wished are the most crucial aspects of your work. If you get both these aspects in any job, you will grow professionally and advance your career while loving every moment of it.
At O4S, we have the unique freedom to experiment, be creative, and have a sense of ownership of our work. Here failure is welcomed, provided you are ready to learn from it and put more effort the next time. Peers are encouraged to be caring towards, both interpersonal relationships and their craft. We understand that the term startup has become synonymous with flexibility, above anything else. Therefore, all employees are provided adequate options to choose their schedule for maximizing productivity.
You will get to work with a bunch of go-getters who are a group of self-driven individuals from various walks of life. Some of the very cool people you work in close contact will be devoted techies, inventive programmers, creative designers, sales and marketing mavericks, content specialists, and other domain experts. Working with these amazing people will provide you with tremendous scope for individual learning, advancement, and growth.
No matter where you work now or where you wish to work in the future, you must always look for a job where you have fun. For you, the idea of fun could be absolutely anything, whether you think fun is programming for hours on end, solving crazy math problems, getting together for after-office drinks, or simply chatting with co-workers.
Having fun at work does not make you unprofessional or unfit, rather it eases your mind, builds a sense of connection, security, and motivates you to do better. Even if earnings are restricted, flexible work hours and a relaxed work environment make up for all shortcomings and ensure a positive company culture.
We encourage you to mingle with the community through meetups and conferences on any topics under the sun. We believe in exchanging views and helping each other grow professionally. So, occasionally, the team goes for the weekly bonding meet to startup events. This has proved to be an unbelievable learning experience.
O4S Premises
We also offer unique office infrastructure which motivates employees to do better and promotes a culture of interaction. At O4S, we have an open-seating arrangement, so you can sit wherever you wish in the entire office. Want some me-time? Work from the remote corner of the office. Want to see the sunset while you work? Or Working on a project that needs continuous team interaction? Sit as per your wish, no need to see the same old desk daily.
We do not believe that what you wear defines you or even the company. Look at Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos or hundreds of other successful entrepreneurs, formal office setups and attires hold little meaning when you have employees that love their work. Getting paid to do something that you truly love is the best feeling ever along with having ample room for growth, learning, and scope for earning.
Easy access to conference rooms and unlimited premium coffee and snacks are some other perks of life at O4S. A breakout area where you can unwind and relax. You can play music of your choice via Alexa, participate in games like Jenga, watch the show you missed using our smart TV, or just take a pause and allow your mind to reenergize itself.
Unique advantages like creating your personal hours of work, an option to occasionally work from home, or take travel leave come with your job at O4S. We also encourage brainstorming sessions and extended discussions, which in turn improves the overall productivity. At O4S, you can pick-up real-world skills such as managing expectations, finance, and communication. Diversified responsibilities will help you master numerous transferable skills across roles and industries.
In a growing company like O4S, you will be required to think on your feet and adapt to changing conditions. You will get the opportunity to learn from your colleagues and become better at what you do. You are also encouraged to build friendships and make a lot of memories with your work buddies. Reveling in personal milestones and achievements, participating in celebrations, and office festivities are encouraged across all departments.
Continued pursuance of knowledge in a challenging environment will ensure that you push yourself towards excellence. Appreciation and recognition for contributions are among the main reasons why individuals prefer certain roles and organizations over others. O4S is a workplace that will recognize your valuable contributions and reward you adequately as and when the time comes.
The idea is not to let the current status or perception of a company bother you. You should have the vision and the tenacity to foresee where it is headed and what it could become. In a matter of a few years, O4S has gone from being a nobody to a funded company that is changing the supply chain industry. We take pride in the fact that we have developed robust solutions that have been appreciated by top companies in the industry.
Recent Offsite to Corbett National Park
We believe that as an organization, we are not just about work and like to think that O4S is a place where one can enjoy working. Weekly outings, excursions, and other fun activities to promote employee engagement, individual personality development, and team bonding, access to conference rooms, casual workwear, etc. are some of the other benefits employees at O4S enjoy.
So, if you are seeking a fun work culture with immense learning opportunities, check our current openings and apply for the most relevant role.