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Leading Footwear Manufacturer Acing Inventory Visibility

The customer is amongst the leading sports shoe manufacturer in South-east Asia. It has captive manufacturing plants, with +10 packaging lines in each plant. The annual aggregated production capacity is 15 million products. The company thrives to provide high-performance sports footwear to Indian consumers at economical prices. The pricing strategy works right because of its highly efficient production and distribution processes.

In achieving its primary objective of economically priced footwear, the company faced the following challenges with regards to the distribution processes:

  • Diversion of products from assigned territories, that impacts the company’s provisioned pricing strategy

  • Lack of proper tracking IT infrastructure of products and inventories at all levels (warehouses, distributors and retailers)

  • Low visibility into the redemption of trade promotions and schemes by last-mile supply chain partners

  • Absence of consumer data and engagement channels

Supplytics aimed at resolving the challenges by providing:

  • Automated hardware and software infrastructure to monitor product movement and inventory at all levels of the supply chain

  • Advanced BI & analytics aided visibility of inventory at all levels of supply chain

  • Mobile app enabled seamless engagement channel with retailers and distributors for communication and redemption of trade promotions and schemes

  • Advanced analytics aided consumer engagement channel

The company endorsed the benefits of deploying Supplytics with marked improvements in the visibility of its products, people & processes.

  • Advanced diversion monitoring system enabled up-to level of individual product

  • In processes of partnering with 25 Mother Hubs, +400 Distributors and +20,000 retailers to understand individual inventory consumption pattern of +400 SKUs across 15 states in India

  • Improved understanding of redemption of trade promotions and schemes by retailers

  • Direct consumer engagement channels

Supplytics BI Dashboard Analysis

  • Intelligent Diversion Monitoring - The dashboard provides comprehensive insights into the anomalies and variances in product distribution from the target locations. Supplytics’ API captures real-time locations of products using integrated IP extraction from inventory locations. Using Supplytics, diversion control can be automated, eliminating field agent verification drives.

  • Product Return Dashboard and Reconciliations Tool - The dashboard is customizable, for finance departments to streamline product returns and recalls from various supply chain partners. The data enabled intelligence enables monitoring of all un-authorized or illegitimate returns.


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