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O4S to upgrade its Tech stack with AI & ML Technologies to solve complex supply chain problems

O4S, one of the fastest-growing supply chain SaaS startups, has succeeded in creating the supply-chain revolution globally with its SaaS platform that has built strong supply-chain resilience since the pandemic. The company further upgrades its Tech stack, in terms of both capabilities and features. O4S is investing deeply in developing strong capabilities to provide AI and Machine Learning capabilities to its clients in order to help them make the most of their data and, most critically, to provide prescriptive insights into their supply chain.

O4S will be developing its fine-grain reporting architecture on top of this massive horde of data from SKU/Product as it progresses through its life cycle. The company will enhance its main technological platform to usher in a distributed microservice paradigm in which the full journey of an SKU/Product may be replicated by a succession of atomic and idempotent services, hence enabling security, scale, and efficiency. The company intends to expand the product offering to include a comprehensive warehouse management system, a bidirectional order management system that connects to ERP systems via an API ecosystem, and a trade promotions optimization feature, which will be bolstered by an integrated trade margin and disbursements system.

With new additions to the technology stack – Edge Computing and data analytics cloud on the platform, the company aims to fill in the supply chain vacuum across industries primarily FMCG, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Electronics. Some of the prominent customers include ITC, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Honeywell, AkzoNobel, and Mondelez among others.

We are also looking to evolve the core technology platform and we are looking to usher in a distributed microservice model wherein the entire journey of an SKU/Product can be mimicked by a series of atomic and idempotent services, providing security, scale, and efficiency.” quoted saying Prashant Vaghela, SVP – Engineering, O4S.

The O4S SaaS platform enables visibility and traceability for every SKU/Product manufactured and along the entire supply chain flow.  In other words, from manufacturing facilities through distributors, retailers, and finally to end-users. The company employs technically advanced edge computing and IoT capabilities to deliver unique and configurable on-product serialization that can be identified and registered by a suite of apps running on top of this platform. O4S focuses on specialist technology innovation and platform improvement while comprehending the domain’s complexity and inherent disorganization.

O4S has been on an upward growth trajectory. Over the previous year, the company’s revenue has increased threefold, and its workforce strength has doubled. The Company is planning to add 200+ customers in 2022 from the current base of 50+ customers. Further, O4S has scaled its operations across South East, Middle East Asia & South America to enable Global Companies expand the traceability of products in multiple geographies.


Excited To Announce The Launch of O4S Labs YouTube Channel

Videos are often referred to as a medium that has the capability to communicate compelling messages in an interesting way while reaching out to a thousand audiences in the shortest possible duration. 

“Video can communicate a compelling message to greater numbers of staff, customers and investors. [It can also] be monitored for viewing duration and viewer comprehension.” – William Claxton

O4S strongly believes in giving back, and encouraging knowledge sharing among its employees, business partners, and clients. As someone rightly mentioned that knowledge increases by sharing not by saving, we also believe in building a community that is nourished continuously with enriching content. 

In order to do so, O4S has launched “O4S Labs”, a revamped YouTube channel that will be hosting Weekly Podcasts focused on the company’s Engineering Innovation, New Product Strategies, Business Use-Cases, and whatnot.

In the coming weeks, the audience can expect to see interesting chit-chat sessions with O4S’s Engineering and Product teams regarding trending topics. By the end of April,  viewers can also expect knowledge sessions wherein we will be inviting Key Industry Leaders to discuss and share their viewpoints about sectoral trends, challenges, opportunities, and the future ahead. 

Stay tuned to O4S Labs ( by subscribing to our channel and don’t miss to press the notification bell to stay updated about the latest podcast. Spread the word with your friends and professional network. Moreover, don’t forget to like, and share our podcasts.


O4S bags Great Place to Work Certification in India

O4S, a Supply Chain SaaS start-up is pleased to be a Great Place to Work® Certified TM company from February 2022 – February 2023. The distinguished award is a reflection of the company’s present workers and their working experience at O4S.

O4S is known for being a people-first company. The company had recently launched its program ‘Career Relaunch 2.0’, an Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) initiative to ignite a culture change in the Tech industry by erasing the stereotypes that come from a career break by women. The company is specifically looking to add 70+ female employees to its workforce by March 2023.  The company implements unlimited sick leave for all employees and brings 24-hour access to mental health therapists. 

O4S also emphasizes development opportunities for its workforce. Masterclasses on important subjects are organized with who’s who in the business to encourage ongoing learning, and staff is urged to contemplate a transition internally to jobs they want to drive. 

Mr. Divay Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, O4S, said ” Being bestowed with this honor is no small effort. For the last five years, we’ve worked hard to create a workplace where individuals can pursue their passions, find joy in their job and experience the culture, camaraderie, respect, a feeling of pride, and progress that we want O4S to be recognized for. Our dynamic culture, supportive environment, and culture of constant learning motivate our people to go above and beyond their comfort zone to achieve more.”

As a global authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work® has been studying employee experience and people practices across organizations for over three decades. Every year, more than 10,000 organizations from over 60 countries partner with Great Place to Work® Institute for assessment, benchmarking, and planning of actions to strengthen their workplace culture.

O4S was incepted in 2017 and has raised over $10Mn so far, with a recent Series A investment of $6Mn led by Think Investments. O4S, with its multi-module platform, enables supply chain traceability and automation for the manufacturing to the retail ecosystem. The solutions help optimize downstream Supply Chain operation, Trade Promotion, Consumer Engagement, and Brand Protection. 

The company’s platforms utilize technologies such as AI, ML, and IoT with the core supply chain operations to build global supply chains networks for the brands. At present, they are catering to 50+ enterprise customers such as  Honeywell, Dulux Paints, Mahindra Agri, Polycab, Essilor, NATCO Pharma, Zydus, and Mondelez, among others. Moreover, the company is experiencing a 200% increase in revenue year on year.

O4S Launches Its ‘Career Relaunch 2.0’ Program

O4S, a supply chain SaaS start-up, launched its program ‘Career Relaunch 2.0’, an Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) initiative designed to help women on a sabbatical to make an easy transition back into the corporate world. The program aims to help them re-launch their career after a break, supporting them in re-gaining their rigour. As part of this initiative, the company will provide structured onboarding, focused mentoring, flexible work options, and job learning to the candidates. O4S has received over $10 Million funding in the past few years and wishes to invest it in attracting the right talent pool. 

The technology sector is already falling short of female employees, with only 26% women working in tech roles. Thus, making it even more critical for organizations, especially tech-based, to nurture what they already have and strive to achieve what they envision. O4S is rigorously working towards creating a culture that encourages equal opportunities and empathy. O4S’s founders also believe that women who wish to resume work represent a motivated talent pool and help drive the necessary growth. The company will provide an environment to address their concerns and close specific skills gaps. 

Speaking on the launch of the initiative, Mr. Divay Kumar – Co-Founder & CEO of O4S, said, “Gender biases, the wage gap is very much talked about topics, which tend to obscure the need for initiatives to support women to relaunch their careers. With the launch of Career Relaunch 2.0, we hope to provide a launchpad to women technologists who have had an extended absence from work due to unavoidable circumstances. This step enables a smooth transition to the workspace with structure and support. Through this program, we aim to encourage them to pursue their career goals – at O4S, we believe that a pause in a career does not mean a full stop.” 

With this initiative, O4S aims to increase the diversity ratio at work and is looking to add 70+ female employees to their workforce by March 2022. The program is started to ignite a culture change in the Tech industry in India by erasing the stereotypes that come from a career break by women.

O4S, Supply Chain SaaS Start-up raises $6 Million in Series-A Round with Think Investments and Venture Highway

O4S has raised $6 Million in a Series-A funding round led by Think Investments. Existing investor Venture Highway also participated in the round. The company has earlier raised a total of $3.5 Million in different rounds of investments backed by Venture Highway, and angel investors including Amit Singhal, Subhrakant Panda and Bikram Singh Bedi.

Incepted in 2017 by Divay Kumar and Shreyans Sipani, O4S is helping many prominent manufacturing companies like ITC, Coca Cola, Honeywell, AkzoNobel, Mondelez among others bring visibility and automation in their supply chains using O4S Enterprise SaaS Platform. The IoT and SaaS-driven platform helps manufacturing companies to digitize and automate the supply chain. It is a multi-module SaaS platform for manufacturing companies to enable traceability and automation across manufacturing, warehouses, and retail networks to increase sales and performance. The solution optimizes downstream supply chain operation. It helps bring manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, retailers, and consumers on a single mobile app-based platform to facilitate planning and production. The platform couples’ technologies like AI, ML, and IoT with the core supply chain operations to build global supply chain networks for the enterprises.

O4S’s co-founders were recently recognized in Forbes under 30 Asian Entrepreneurs for their Enterprise Solution. The company is headquartered in Gurugram with regional offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad. With the current funding, O4S is planning to ramp up its operations across North America and Southeast Asia expanding its enterprise customer base to 500+ and headcount to 200+. Furthermore, a lot of focus will be on horizontal expansion of products application which will benefit their existing clientele too.

“In the last 3 years of starting operations, we have worked with more than 50 large consumer brands coming from various industries and understood their pain points well. O4S’s platforms are developed to resolve persisting supply chain challenges and lack of visibility in distribution. 2020 has been a crucial year due to the impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing supply chains. The latter had been an eye-opener and compelled leaders to work towards bringing more visibility & digitization into supply chain processes which meant more opportunities for us.” Co-Founder, Divay Kumar said.

“We strongly believe in O4S and their vision to help businesses optimize their performance through enhancing and digitizing supply chains,” said Shashin Shah, Managing Partner at Think Investments. “A key learning from the COVID-19 pandemic is the need to improve supply chains around the world, and companies like O4S are leading in this effort. We foresee immense growth in the smart manufacturing sector and look forward to partnering with O4S as they continue to rapidly expand and offer tech-enabled solutions to a wide range of clients.”

“We have backed O4S since their inception and have seen the founders and their team build a fantastic product for an extremely sticky customer base. The Supply Chain Traceability and Automation market is projected to reach $7.3 Billion by 2026; O4S has a huge opportunity to become a leader in this vertical.” Samir Sood, Founder, Venture Highway.

About Think Investments:

Think Investments is a multi-billion AUM investment firm headquartered in San Francisco. Think is focused on partnering with exceptional public and private companies globally.

About Venture Highway:

Venture Highway ( has a deep Silicon Valley connection through its founders and investors and was started as a passion to give back to the startup ecosystem in India.  Venture Highway was founded by Samir Sood (ex-Google) and Silicon Valley based Neeraj Arora (Founding anchor LP of Venture Highway and former Global Business Head, WhatsApp). VH partners with the next generation of Indian technology entrepreneurs by providing early rounds of institutional capital and guidance through its local and global networks.

Antares Legal represented O4S on its Series A investment. Antares Legal’s team was led by Surbhi Kothiala and Devanjali Rastogi, with assistance from Amrusha Monga and Mohona Thakur.


O4S raises Series A investment. To be announced soon. Read More