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Videos are often referred to as a medium that has the capability to communicate compelling messages in an

The client is a prominent name in the Paddy Seeds Industry and one of the largest producers in

The client is one of the largest refrigerant manufacturing firms with a huge distribution network across the globe.

The client is a fully integrated (farm to retail) Food Company in the business of making and selling

The client began its operations in 1989 and among the leading producers of wheat genetics in India. They

The client is amongst the leading sports and casual footwear manufacturers in South-East Asia. The company has three

Client is a prominent bio-pesticide producer with operations in more than 9 Indian States. Due to the absence

Client is a global beverage manufacturer with business across the globe in collaboration with regional third-party bottlers. In

Client is one of the leading seed manufacturers in India having a packaging capacity exceeding million tonnes annually.


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