How one of India’s leading seed producer went straight to the farmer’s door​

About the Company

The customer is amongst the leading Seed Producer of India. It has a Seed packaging capacity of around a million tons per annum. The primary aim of the company is to provide a high yield seeds, customized for local environmental factors, for farmers around the globe.

The Goal

In achieving its primary objective, the company faced the following challenges:

  • Low visibility into the inventory consumption pattern towards the last mile supply chain partners, including retailers and wholesalers.
  • High counterfeiting of products, and no means for the end-users to verify product’s authenticity.
  • Absence of consumer data and engagement channel.

Solution We Provided

Supplytics Aimed at resolving the challenges by providing:

  • Mobile enabled product tracking infrastructure, to capture inventory ordering and consumption patterns up-till retailers.
  • High definition visibility of inventory at all levels of supply chain aided by advanced analytics.
  • Unique ID based product verification platform on SMS/Mobile App for consumers with localized language support.
  • Advanced analytics aided consumer engagement channel.

The company endorsed the benefits of deploying Supplytics with marked improvements in visibility on its products, people & processes:

  • Real-time inventory consumption pattern of +25 SKUs, for +10,000 Retailers across 1,000 Districts.
  • Improved understanding of SKU preferences across 1,000 districts.
  • 1 in every 5 products sold was verified by consumers.
  • In Q4, 2017, Supplytics established a direct company to consumer engagement channel covering +20,000 farmers across India.

Supplytics BI Dashboard Analysis

Inventory Monitoring Tool:

The dashboard provides comprehensive insights into the real-time inventory across state-city-district-retailer; distributors; warehouses. ‘Do-it-yourself’ dashboard allows sales, production planning and product heads to predict, plan and replenish inventories across all supply chain partners.

Anti-Counterfeiting Detection Tool:

The dashboard provides analytics into consumer verifications across geographies. All the suspected cases of counterfeit products are identified and flagged on the dashboard, wherein the actionable insights are provided back to the company to act upon